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Cupcake on a white background

Sweet Tips

As we all know, sprinkles make everything better. However, there are some other things that you can use to make a beautiful cupcake with things that are right in your pantry!

Jazz Up Your Cupcake Swirl!

All you need is a food storage bag, scissors, and some frosting. First, fill up a food storage bag with some frosting. Then cut a small corner ( about 1/6 of an inch ) of the bag off with the scissors. Then pipe the frosting over the cupcake in a circular motion. That’s it!

Add Fruit!

Not only is fruit a healthy addition, it makes for a picture perfect cupcake. It doesn’t matter if it’s fresh or frozen. Place it on top of your cupcake and take your dessert to the next level.

Cupcake Shavings!

Take one of your delicious cupcakes and crumble it into pieces. Then take the crumbles and sprinkle them over your beautifully swirled cupcakes. Voila! You have added dimension and stepped up your presentation game.